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Tony Mountifield

Tony (short for Anthony) was born and brought up in Gosport, Hampshire, in the south of England, attending Bay House School before going to Durham University to study Applied Physics and Electronics.

While at Durham, he discovered and fell in love with computer programming. The passion for writing software continues to this day, and Tony brings this enthusiasm to all his projects.

After graduating with a 2.1 Honours degree, Tony moved back to Hampshire and started work as a Software Engineer with Vosper Thornycroft.

After two years at Vosper, Tony joined Delta Technical Serivces in Portsmouth, working on embedded microprocessor software for telemetry units used in the water industry. Processors used were 8080/8085 and 1802, writing mainly in assembly language with interrupt-driven device drivers and a simple multi-tasking scheduler.

Tony's next job was at Marconi in the Speech Systems department, working as a Senior Software Engineer. He carried out all levels of software design, implementation and maintenance for a range of digital audio announcement systems. This involved high-speed SCSI programming, interrupt-driven device handling and multi-tasking. Software was written in 68000 assembler and Pascal.

Also while at Marconi, he conceived and defined the system architecture of a new intelligent announcement system for interfacing to digital telephone exchanges using a 2048 kbit/s PCM interface. Designed two special VMEbus boards for use in this system.

It is interesting to note that the above Marconi systems from the 1980s could now easily be produced using commodity PC hardware running Linux and the Asterisk telephony platform.

While at Marconi, Tony became a Chartered Engineer (CEng) by gaining his full membership of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), now the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

In 1988, the opportunity arose to join the newly-formed UK branch of Microware Systems, the creator of the OS-9 Real-Time Operating System. Tony already had a keen interest in OS-9, so jumped at the chance to become the UK branch's technical expert, later to be Technical Manager. Six years were spent at Microware UK, during which time he grew the technical department from one to three people and gained a reputation for technical excellence and expertise.

While at Microware UK, Tony provided technical support to a large customer base, conducted training courses and contributed to the development of the OS-9 range of products. He ported OS-9 to various hardware platforms and wrote drivers for a number of devices. He also became familiar with Unix, using Sun workstations.

Tony left Microware UK in 1994 and founded Software Insight Ltd. For details of his main activities through this company, please see our clients section

Outside of work, Tony is a committed member of Hope Church Winchester (formerly Winchester Family Church), and enjoys music, chess and his family, as well as computing for pleasure! His personal web site is here.

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