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The following are some of the major clients we have worked for over the years (most recent first):

Miton Systems is our sister company, and develops flexible telephony systems based on the open-source Asterisk platform which runs on the Linux operating system. Examples of these systems include:

  • A cluster of eight custom conference bridges with interactive control, dialling of participants and recording of conferences, for use by US government agencies.
  • A pair of 120-channel conference bridges for BT. In the first year of operation, one of the bridges handled over 10 million minutes.
  • A pair of custom conference bridges for Starhub in Singapore, providing a blast-dial facility to multiple recipients, with recording.

MB Consult Ltd is a consultancy in microbiology with clients all over the world. They needed a new office computing platform that would support desktops and laptops with shared data and email that could be accessed seamlessly whether in the office or working remotely. We specified, installed and continue to support a system as follows:

  • An office server running Windows Small Business Server 2003 including Microsoft Exchange.
  • Two desktop clients and two laptops.
  • Remote VPN access.
This has been running very successfully for several years.
Tandberg Television

Tandberg Television design and produce professional equipment for MPEG Digital TV transmission and reception. We undertook the following projects for them:

  • Designing a MIB and implementing an SNMP agent for an MPEG-2 professional receiver, using the LwIP network stack running on the Nucleus+ kernel.
  • Software interfacing of the above receiver to a number of new input cards, to allow incoming MPEG to be delivered via UDP/IP on Ethernet, via G.703 or via ATM.
  • Integration of a new Conditional Access library (“verifier”) into existing MPEG Receiver software.

NTL Internet (now Virgin Media) were responsible for the design, implementation and operation of NTL's Internet Service (ntlWorld), including Access (Dialup and Cable Broadband), Email, Usenet News and Webspace. The following projects were undertaken by us:

  • Troubleshooting and enhancement of the Usenet News systems, increasing the daily news volume handling from 4GB to 30GB. Managed the migration from INN to the commercial Cyclone and Typhoon news software, increasing capacity to around 400GB of news per day using six servers. Developed web-based administration and graphical monitoring tools using RRDtool and Perl.
  • Enhancement of RADIUS authentication servers which used Merit AAA Radius software. Developed a MySQL back-end for data warehousing and querying. Designed and implemented a new RADIUS system using the Steel-Belted Radius product, interfacing to an Oracle database.
  • Developed extensions to Cisco Network Registrar DHCP server, written in TCL, for the Cable Modem service, interfacing to MySQL to provide full customer traceability and support for on-line registration. Later re-engineered in C to provide multi-threading and increased performance.

NDS design and produce Conditional Access systems for MPEG-2 Digital TV Encryption. We provided services in the following areas:

  • Unix systems administration of HP and Sun workstations and servers, running HP-UX and Solaris respectively.
  • Interfacing between Windows and Unix using SAMBA software.
  • Embedded software development in C and assembler under the pSOS+ and VTRXsa kernels.

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