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Asterisk® is an exciting and versatile open-source telephony application that runs primarily on the Linux operating system. Software Insight first started using Asterisk in 2004, and through our sister company Miton Systems we have designed and produced a large number of different telephony systems using Asterisk.

Our technical director and chief engineer, Tony Mountifield, has been and still is an active participant in the Asterisk community. He has submitted a number of enhancements and bug fixes that have been accepted into the Asterisk code base.

Using Asterisk, we can provide systems including the following:

  • Office PBX systems
  • Conference bridges
  • Message delivery systems
  • IVR call-routing systems
  • Call-centre systems
  • Call recording systems

Systems can easily combine several or all of the above features.

We can install and configure Asterisk (and Linux, if necessary) on your own hardware, subject to assessment.

We can also offer troubleshooting of existing Asterisk systems and will make recommendations for rectifying problems.

We have expertise in most areas of Asterisk applications, including:

  • Analogue PSTN interfaces.
  • ISDN-30 Primary-Rate Interface (PRI) connections.
  • Voice-over-IP protocols (SIP, IAX, H.323).
  • Dialplan programming.
  • AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) programming.
  • Meetme conferencing.
  • Agents and Queues for call-centre applications.
  • Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) control.
  • Database integration using MySQL, SQL Server and other databases.
  • Customisation of Asterisk source code for bespoke applications.
  • Integration with the Apache web server and PHP for web-based control.
  • Add-on Graphical User Interfaces such as FreePBX and Asterisk-GUI.

For more details, please contact us with your Asterisk requirements.

Asterisk® is a registered trademark of Digium, Inc. :: Software Insight is not affiliated with Digium, Inc.
Other trademarks are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

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