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Software Development

One of Software Insight's primary activities has always been in developing bespoke software solutions that precisely meet our clients' needs.

Our involvement on projects can begin at the earliest stage, where we can help you define the specification of your project from a set of requirements, or later when that specification has been agreed and the architecture of the solution created.

We have experience in many areas, particularly the following:

Embedded software. We have experience of programming on bare hardware: writing device drivers and bootstrap routines; implementing real-time operating systems (RTOS); network stacks; application code for handling data, events, input and output signals and network traffic.

Unix and Linux. We can design and write application programs in C, Perl, PHP, TCL and other languages. Database interfacing and network management software are a speciality.

Database design. We can offer expertise in the proper use of relational databases for modelling business data, and the SQL for efficient storage, update and retrieval. We have experience with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL) and Oracle, and the flexibility to adapt to other varieties as required.

Web automation. We can produce dynamic database-driven web front-ends using PHP, Perl and Javascript, and have business relationships with other companies expert in visual design.

In addition, we are able to quickly adapt to new development scenarios and environments. This makes Software Insight a versatile as well as diligent development partner.

We can work on your premises with your team, or at our own office with remote access and visits as required. Insight: on-site and off-site.

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