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System Administration

Almost all modern businesses rely heavily on computer systems and the internet for their day-to-day operations. It is only when they go wrong that we realise how fundamental they have become. System Administration comprises three main activities:

  • setting up new systems and infrastructure (network switches, routers, internet);
  • keeping the systems running smoothly by regular monitoring and preventative maintenance;
  • troubleshooting and fixing things when they go wrong anyway.

A large company with many computers would typically have their own system administration staff, but for a lot of small businesses this is not practical. While the systems are running well there is not enough work for a full-time systems administrator, and other staff may well not possess the skills required. They also have their own jobs to do!

This is where Software Insight can help. Our proactive methods enable us to monitor systems remotely and catch potential issues long before they impact on system performance. This gives our clients the ability to concentrate on their business activities, confident that their IT systems are reliable, monitored and running smoothly at peak efficiency.

We can also provide troubleshooting and advice for action when systems do go wrong or behave unexpectedly. With remote access to systems, we are able to diagnose issues and often fix them without the need for a site visit. If hands-on work is needed, we can either visit or advise on-site staff as required.

With many years of systems administration experience Software Insight are also well placed to advise on expansion and upgrade projects so that these activities can be integrated into a company's set up with the least amount of disruption.

As you would expect, we are skilled in managing a variety of system architectures and have particular expertise in the areas of networking and internet connectivity. For servers, we specialise in Unix and Linux systems, which in many cases provide superior reliability and resistance to viruses, attacks, etc., compared with Windows systems. We can also support Windows systems where required and advise on interoperability between Windows and Unix or Linux.

If you think that we could help you keep your IT systems on track, drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your specific requirements.

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